PRP For Hair Restoration

Is your hair thin or falling out? Are you tired of running your hand through your hair and pulling out pieces or clumps? PRP for hair restoration is able to improve your hair growth and give you a luscious mane of thick hair in just a few weeks. The entire procedure takes about an hour to go through and is a simple outpatient procedure with minimal pain. However, what exactly is PRP for hair restoration and how will it treat your hair loss?

What Is PRP For Hair Restoration?

PRP is platelet rich plasma, which means that is it concentrated blood plasma. PRP contains about three to five more times the number of usual platelets found in normal circulating blood. What do platelets do? Platelets prevent bleeding and will clot a wound so you don?t lose copious amounts of blood. So what does this have to do with hair restoration? Blood platelets help to grow proteins.

As mentioned, platelets will help to prevent bleeding and aid in the healing process. When you need hair to grow, you need more bioactive proteins so your hair loss is able to be treated. When you lose your hair it?s happening for a reason and by getting PRP for hair loss and treating the loss you?re able to pinpoint why you?re losing your hair and help it rejuvenate. You?re addressing the problem at hand and helping to solve your hair loss by getting PRP hair restoration. Platelet rich plasma is used to heal wounds and that?s the key to restoring your hair loss because of the abundance of proteins that are pumped back into you.


What Is The Procedure For PRP Hair Restoration?

Now that you know what PRP hair restoration is, how does the procedure work? First, PRP hair restoration will give you a natural look and will help rejuvenate the amount of hair that?s been lost or thinned. The process is pretty simple with minimal pain. First, a thin, small needle is injected into your scalp. In the needle is the platelet rich plasma. Once the injections have occurred, the growth factors, which are the platelets, will get started on restoring what was lost. The growth factors in the platelets, which are in your blood cells, will get to work on restoring your hair naturally. If you?re wondering where the doctor gets the PRP injections, it?s from your own blood. Essentially your blood is being pumped back into your scalp to help treat your hair loss with PRP.


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PRP Hair Growth

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