Acoustic wave therapy treatment has proven to be an effective, minimally invasive medical treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Out of the many treatments made available to people, we find that this method delivers good results and improvements for men’s confidence and overall sexual performance. 

Paradigm Infusions is an acoustic wave therapy center for ED servicing Milpitas and Fremont, California. We provide our patients with exceptional medical care to get them to their desired level of satisfaction. We help both men and women deal with the effects of aging and get them to where they want to be. 

As a leading male erection dysfunction treatment center servicing Milpitas, we get to the root of the problem by consulting with the patient first and figuring out the right solutions from there. If you want to learn more about our services, call us at 510-894-2583. We’ll go over the process of acoustic wave therapy, as well as its benefits and outcomes after the procedure takes place. 


What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic wave therapy utilizes low-intensity acoustic wave pulses to improve erections when directly applied to the penis area. The waves go through a process called neovascularization to repair and create new blood vessels in the penis. These newly formed blood vessels allow more blood to flow in the area; thus, you are able to maintain larger, better erections. 

A gel is applied to the specified area during treatment. The waves target spots in this area to do its job effectively. You’ll feel a slight tingling sensation when the acoustic waves are administered to your penis area. 


What are the Benefits of Acoustic Wave Therapy? 

The benefits of acoustic wave therapy far outweigh any risks or side effects (of which there are not many) and are worth looking into if you want a treatment for ED. In addition to gaining better erections, you’ll receive better sensations in the penis as well as better performance with your partner. 

Moreover, another benefit is the ability to gain more spontaneous erections and higher quality erections. Acoustic Wave Therapy is also FDA approved and contains no side effects after the procedure is completed. You can be assured that the treatment follows strict procedures and uses top of the line technology administered by an experienced doctor. 

The procedure takes around 15-20 minutes to complete typically and is usually done by one of our trusted professionals in-office. Results will last for around 2 years or longer, depending on the person’s lifestyle and everyday activities. 


Is Acoustic Wave Therapy Right For Me?

Acoustic wave therapy is an ideal treatment for any healthy man dealing with erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, it’s always important that you consult with your doctor before turning to the procedure. While there are minimal risks involved with acoustic wave therapy, it may not be the right solution for everyone. 

You should consider acoustic wave therapy if you are having trouble achieving and maintaining an erection. It’s also recommended if you are suffering from low libido. 


How Much Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Cost?

Certain insurance companies may not cover this treatment completely, so be sure to speak with a provider before proceeding. That being said, you can also talk with us and see what pricing will work best for you. We want to help you in any way we can and will provide a fair price for the treatments you need. 


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