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Schedule a free consultation to learn if BOTOX is right for you. When applied properly, BOTOX treatments can reduce signs of aging like facial lines and wrinkles.

BOTOX is one of the most popular and effective methods of erasing the signs of aging. In fact, thousands of men and women use it across the globe. At our clinic, you can receive BOTOX injections from trained medical professionals in a comfortable and spa-like environment.

Of course, many salons and pop-up clinics offer BOTOX treatments, but oftentimes their staff members do not have the proper training. You can always feel confident and safe that your BOTOX treatments are overseen by our licensed and trained staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BOTOX is the brand name for an anti-aging prescription medication that can help eliminate wrinkles in the face. The serum contains the ingredient botulinum toxin, a unique substance produced by a rare type of bacteria. When this toxin is injected into the skin, it can temporarily paralyze muscles.

When applied properly, BOTOX treatments can reduce signs of aging like facial lines and wrinkles. After treatment, many patients also find their skin bright, firmer, or more youthful looking.

For many, BOTOX treatments can sound intimidating at first. The truth is they are very safe as long as they are performed by a qualified medical provider. BOTOX treatments can help turn wrinkles smooth and can soften fine lines in the forehead, eyes, sides of the mouth, bridge of the nose, and neck.

It is a common misconception that BOTOX ?freezes? facial muscles, but this is not true. After BOTOX injection, it is still possible to maintain a natural appearance and make normal facial expressions. All BOTOX does is prevent wrinkles in the face from forming or deepening.

Before you can receive BOTOX treatment, you must first meet with a physician or nurse practitioner who will examine your skin and go over your medical history to make sure that BOTOX is the right treatment for you.

After this, one of our team members will clean your skin and apply a numbing cream to avoid potential discomfort. Then our staff will make several BOTOX injections into your facial skin.

Though some opt for just one BOTOX treatment, many patients go on to receive several of them. Your healthcare provider will communicate with you and let you know when it is safe to receive your next BOTOX injections.

It will likely take a period of up to two weeks after treatment before results appear, and they can last for up to six months. Afterwards, you may need touch-ups from time to time to preserve the results of your BOTOX treatments.

If you are looking for more dramatic results, you may find success by combining BOTOX with other treatments like JUVEDERM or KYBELLA. Our team is prepared to help you create a personalized treatment plan that incorporates the treatments best for you.


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