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Ketamine has been studied and shown to be effective with an array of anxiety disorders, including general anxiety disorder (GAD) and relief is immediate rather than the 6-12 weeks normally required for chance of relief with traditional SSRI?s.

The occasional bout of anxiety is a normal part of life.?However, some people experience anxiety more frequently and?they might feel an intense and persistent fear or worry over daily situations. This is considered an anxiety disorder. People with anxiety disorders can have panic attacks very suddenly. While the causes of anxiety are not completely understood, we do know that many are triggered by traumatic experiences. These can include the death of a loved one, abuse, and even accidents. Anxiety disorders can be inherited, and some people are more prone to developing them.

Some develop these disorders as a result of medical conditions as well. Some medical causes include:

  • ? Heart disease
  • ? Diabetes
  • ? Hyperthyroidism
  • ? Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • ? Asthma
  • ? Drug abuse
  • ? Alcohol
  • ? Pain


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