The noticeable effects of aging can be a sign of both experience, wisdom, and battle scars from life. Although this experience is valuable to some, the signs of aging can be a sobering reflection of the person you were. With that being said, Paradigm Infusions wants to help you feel great and live the best life in your golden years.

We’re an anti-aging treatment clinic in Fremont, California looking out for your health and well-being. Many surface effects of aging are treatable and can be overcome with specialized medical procedures. 

We’ll go over our exceptional anti-aging treatments, the detailed processes and benefits, and how we can help you reverse some aging effects. 


What are Anti-Aging Treatments? 

Our thyroid glands are the primary parts in our body responsible for changing how our body functions as we age and many of our anti-aging treatments target this area. They’re often located under our Adam’s Apple in front of the windpipe. 

Thyroid hormones released from the thyroid, notably called thyroxine, play an important role in our daily metabolism, growth, and development. They are also vital for brain development for young infants. As a person ages, the thyroid glands change. As a result, the production, metabolism, and action of its hormones may change gradually. 

Our anti-aging treatment is designed to control thyroid hormones to reduce illnesses and symptoms from the thyroid’s decline. Ultimately, anyone can benefit from them because they are specifically designed to mitigate problems from the thyroid. 


What are the Symptoms of Aging from the Thyroid?

Two main symptoms that may stem from a poor thyroid include Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. 

Hypothyroidism is often associated with common aging ailments and happens when the thyroid glands produce insufficient thyroid hormones. Typical symptoms often include fatigue, mood swings, dry skin, and hair loss among others. 

Hyperthyroidism is the opposite problem as the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormones. This is less common in most people, but can include some symptoms like weight gain/loss, muscle weakness, diarrhea, and vision issues. 


What are the Benefits of Anti-Aging Treatments?

Some of the benefits of anti-aging treatment not only result in better looking skin, but also better eyes and vision. In addition to your health and the functionality of your thyroid, our anti-aging treatments will ensure your looks are fresh and youthful. 

Moreover, since these treatments deal directly with the thyroid and its hormone levels, they can also result in a longer lifespan than others. Anti-aging treatment in the thyroid also reduces your risk of falling to cardiovascular diseases or heart failures. 

Other benefits of the treatment include the improvement and prevention of cognitive impairments as you age. Not only will the treatment make the skin around your eyes look better, but it minimizes your chance of gradually losing your vision. 

Anti-aging treatments can also maintain your bone health. This is especially useful for women over 60, who are more susceptible to weekend bones. 

Lastly, undergoing anti-aging treatments can be beneficial for those suffering from depression, impairment, or disability. These conditions can prevent an elderly person from enjoying the true perks of their golden years. The treatment will take care to reduce or delay such effects and can help people lead better lives. 



Smooth Visible Signs of Aging

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